Arizona Caregiver Coalition Information Board and Flyer

The Arizona Caregiver Coalition needed some informational publications for their tabling events.  I designed these boards to inform booth visitors about the services offered by this non-profit. I researched and edited images of caregivers and people with disabilities to provide a backdrop for the detailed information about the Coalition. The turquoise and sage green colors are intended to evoke the colors of Arizona and feel warm and welcoming.

I used a bolder, easy to read font – Trueno – so that the text would be readable to people of all ages. This font is a good combination of professional and friendly in appearance so even non-professional caregivers will feel comfortable.For the flyer, I created a one-color ‘see through’ version of the ACC logo. This version of the logo can be used to highlight specific caregiver relationships. In this case, the client wanted to highlight elder care with the use of an image of old hands in young hands. The square edge of the AGG logo frames the clasped hands and references one of the main client demographics of the organization.

For the back of the brochure, I helped the client develop a call to action. In  addition to providing information to caregivers, the foundation is constantly recruiting volunteers. The reverse side of the card is used to collect information of potential volunteers. By laying out the cards with slightly different end-user goals for either side, I created a card that can be fanned out with one side up to attract caregiver attention and the other side up to attract the attention of potential volunteers.