Felt Butterfly ‘Scientific Specimen’ Display


This set of mounted felt butterflies was so fun to work on! I started out mimicking real butterfly and moth patterns but as I go along making these, I have started to make m own patterns. The result is a specimen board that comes completely from my imagination while looking pretty realistic.



The top ‘specimen’ mimics real butterfly patterning on a unique wing shape.


This specimen is a play on a moth. It’s body is hairy like a moth and the wings slope down a bit. The shape is familiar, but the patterns and colors come straight out of my brain. No reference material here!


Here is another, smaller butterfly. As I was creating this set, I initially made his butterfly with a much simpler pattern but as I completed the others, I found myself continually coming back to this small specimen to add more features.


The bottom butterfly was an experiment with a single, solid wing instead of 4 different pieces put together. The result is a much sturdier base on which to felt the pattern. This specimen was based on a ‘tiger stripe’ butterfly, but with my own additions.


Here’s the full shot of the specimen board. It is mounted on a frame so it can be hung as-is. Love it!

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